About B-Securité

B-Securité is a Monitoring Alarm Receiving Centre (MARC) with high-tech infrastructure such as intelligent camera, detection and communication technology.Tekste By bringing together high-quality high-tech infrastructure and knowledge combined with people, B-Securité manages to make the difference with “remote security” time and again.

About B-securité

The society around us is constantly changing and so are views of the citizens in that society.
Following technological and societal developments.

Our value creation.

B-Securité, through the European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) approach, emphasizes the importance of value creation, in other words, B-Securité’s right to exist by developing and applying vision and agile strategies. In doing so, the satisfaction of the Basic-Fit organization is paramount, with an eye for the well-being of employees and Basic-Fit members and the healthy operating results of B-Securité itself.

The EFQM approach is seen in part by B-Securité as an innovative culture changer of the “old” security culture. Leaders open up and allow themselves to be constantly “mirrored” on work effectiveness. This ensures that B-Securité stays true to its goal of achieving Service Excellence through collaboration and teamwork.

The B-Securité approach.

This approach gives B-Securité current insight at and into new developments. The method provides organizational analysis and insight to initiate a safe and responsible path to progress. The approach advocated by B-Securité allows business to adapt to unique changes. With this attitude, B-Securité is considered flexible enough to deliver on the promise of performance improvements through Service Excellence, according to the Management Team.

In addition, partly because of the requirements set forth in EN 50518:2019 and ISO 27001, B-Securité regularly makes organizational analyses, future forecasts and predictive values by using data intelligently in fostering necessary cooperation.


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